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The Patrol Lite is a classic boot perfect for spring and autumn. With its wide toe box and flexible sole, it supports your natural gait. The luxurious microsuede lining and the exchangeable natural cork insole provide maximum comfort. High-quality soft faux leather and waxed cotton laces add premium character - 100% vegan. Thanks to the gusseted tongue and water-repellent properties of the upper material, the Patrol Lite also performs well in the rain.

Compared to the Patrol Winter, the Patrol Lite is more breathable, as the Patrol Lite has no additional waterproof membrane. You can read details about the comparison of both models in this blog post.

Patrol Lite with soft faux leather upper in All Black, Dark Brown, Steel Grey. Black sole. Gusseted tongue.
Patrol Lite is water repellent and vegan. Luxurious microsuede lining and premium waxy cotton laces.
Patrol Lite is super flexible. 10 mm / 0.4 inch thin sole with a grippy texture. Exchangeable insoles included.


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Great model for everybody.


Vegan PU leather (upper + lining inside collar), TPE & TPU (sole), microsuede (inner lining), cork (exchangeable insole), cotton (laces)


Weight per shoe: 397 g / 14.00 oz (Size EU 43), sole thickness: 10 mm / 0.4 in, total stack height incl. exchangeable felt insole: 13 mm / 0.5 in

Care Instructions

Loose dirt is best removed with a dry, soft shoe brush. Then work in a mild cleaning solution with a little water and a clean brush. Remove excess product with a damp cloth. After cleaning, allow to dry at room temperature.

The Patrol Lite is not machine washable.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Joe (United States)
Great shoe

This is the good-looking, weather-resistant shoe I've been looking for. It looks very nice, and it handles the rain and puddles like a champ. They required a little bit of break-in to soften up, and even after several weeks they are still a bit of a chore to get on and off. That said, I invested in my first-ever shoehorn, and that works like a champ.

It is, however, not the most breathable shoe I've had. It does much better than other totally waterproof boots I've owned. On those my feet sweat nearly instantly and cannot breathe at all. On this Patrol Lite, there is breathability, but it is still limited (because, you know, Leather), so by the end of the day my feet have begun to feel (and smell) like they've been enclosed all day.

Tim (Australia)
Patrol lite black

Well made, no brake in required, good water resistance and great customer service.
I use them for work and they performed from the get go in challenging circumstances. FYI
Ran small for my feet went up a size.

Aaron Austin (United States)
Great fit, excellent design, not a fan of the material.

I wear a size 47 with super high volume, wide, flat feet and tried 4 other brands that all squished the top of my foot and had to be passed along. These are great with just enough space all around.

I modified mine by adding lightweight boot lace “D” style hooks (further improving the volume) and using “sergeant knots military grade elastic paracord” for laces. This results in a rugged looking boot I can slip on and off as easy as a slipper.

Before this modification these were an absolute pain to take on and off and the laces provided don’t catch when cinching them up, so it’s a battle to get them tightened and laced up. With the hooks and elastic laces these are a breeze.

I also had to add a NorthSole 6mm insole to help with some foot issues I’ve been having and because I will mainly be wearing these while standing on concrete and hard ground for very prolonged periods. So I unfortunately needed a bit more than the cork they come with stock. Luckily had just enough volume leftover with the lace hook modification to add thicker insoles without causing issues.

Best fitting pair of boots I’ve ever owned. Right out of the box they were extremely comfortable and checked every box on what I needed for a good fit.

My main gripe and reason for a lower score is the materials. I can tell this fake leather won’t hold up over the long term. And that’s extra unfortunate on a boot that costs this much.

It’s already scratching up and the glue is separating a bit between the upper and sole at the seams, since they aren’t stitched together the way more durable boots are made. The material feels somewhat close but a bit softer and flimsier than leather and has FAR less breathability than leather. I know the summer heat is here, but these suckers are warm. Way worse breathability than any leather boots I’ve ever had. Like wrapping your feet in plastic shopping bags. Would be brutal without socks if you’re trying to go sockless.

When I asked if they will ever consider making a leather option they claimed that as a company they prefer to use “sustainable” materials only.

There’s a very good argument to be made that properly sourced leather is far more sustainable, eco-friendly, and has a lower long term environmental impact than any of the so called “vegan” alternatives on the market; which take a lot of intensive processing and production with petrochemicals to create and will leave micro plastics in the ecosystem for generations to come.

Leather is a self healing, natural material that can last a lifetime if the shoes are made to be resoleable and properly cared for.

Many companies in the minimalist community are starting to realize this is what their customer base wants. Part of the minimalist movement is getting back to basics including traditional, natural materials that can be locally sourced in a sustainable manner. Not chemical compounds using petrochemicals and plastics to approximate a natural material that’s been used for ages.

I’m honestly ok with a company deciding against leather strictly based on a moral objection to using animal products (I was vegan myself for quite a while), but I wish they wouldn’t use the “sustainable” line of reasoning. Leather can be sourced sustainably, and based on the critical analysis I’ve done, I think it can be far more sustainable and environmentally friendly than fake leather. Especially when one considers its longevity.

Besides the materials, these rule.

If it was made from leather and resoleable it would be 5 stars for sure, but those are each a huge drawback as these inevitably won’t last long. So one point deducted for each.

I’ve made a similar review in a minimalist group and so many people responded who’ve tried these, or want to, but also wish there was a leather option. Maybe they’ll eventually change their minds?

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