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Barefoot shoes

Let's make barefoot shoes cool!
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Experience the freedom of barefoot shoes

Thin outsole icon
Thin outsole Present your feet with the sensory feedback they crave. Feel the ground and reconnect with the environment.
Wide toe box icon
Wide toe box Grant your toes some much-needed freedom by allowing your toes to splay into their natural posture.
Zero-drop icon
Zero-drop A flat sole provides the best base for a natural and upright posture and helps save you from knee, hip, or back pain.
Flexible icon
Flexible A soft and flexible sole enables your feet’s full range of motion, which is crucial for a natural walking pattern.

We care about the environment

At Feelgrounds, we believe that footwear manufacturing can be done responsibly. That's why we use recycled and natural materials wherever possible. Our Mesh and Knit models, for example, are to a large part made from recycled PET bottles. 

Why wear barefoot shoes?

Our feet are the foundation of our body. Strengthening your feet by exercising and wearing minimalist shoes (or going completely barefoot wherever possible) can improve your posture and prevent pain and injuries. For many people, barefoot shoes also provide relief and improvement for existing problems like knee pain, back pain, bunions, and more.


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Our Original Mesh model was 100% funded within 48 hours by more than 2,000 backers from over 75 countries. Thank you for your support!